Low-Power Methodology Manual


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The following issues reported in the original printed edition are corrected in the Springer 2nd printing:

p. 10 fixed spelling of "dependent"
p. 17 changed "voltage" to "current" in section 2.4
p. 28 changed "low to high" to "high to low" at the end of the first bullet
p. 30 changed "begin" to "being" in the third line
p. 42 added "the critical issues in power gating" to the first line
p. 58 rephrased the sentence that begins "all the state bits that make up clock"
p. 63 added "to" between "special code" and "the RTL"
p. 160 fixed spelling of "dependent"
p. 167 fixed spelling of "dependent"
p. 186 fixed spelling of "dependent"
p. 261 changed "taped" to "tapped"
p. 291 changed "knows" to "known" in definition of isolation