Low-Power Methodology Manual


May 12, 2008
Peking University Press to Publish a Chinese Edition of the ARM-Synopsys “Low Power Methodology Manual”

January 7, 2008
Electronic Design Bookstore Review
David Maliniak

October 2007
Stop-Start Semiconductors
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Chris Edwards

August 2007
Technology Book Review: Low Power Done Right
Brian Bailey

July 26, 2007
LPMM Top Selling Book for Springer at DAC 2007
Carl Harris

May 30, 2007
ARM/Synopsys launch low power manual
Mike Santarini

May 29, 2007
Synopsys and ARM Optimize Reference Methodology for Aggressive Power Management
Enhanced Flow Uses Synopsys' IC Compiler and DC Topographical Technology to Manage Leakage for 65-Nanometer and Below Processes

May 29, 2007
New Low Power Methodology Manual Demystifies Advanced Power Management
Springer Book Explains How to Ease Adoption of Aggressive Power Management Techniques

May 29, 2007
Synopsys, ARM define low-power methodology
Richard Goering